Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teen Poetry from our Writer's Club

Our Teen Advisory Group and Writer's Club met this past Monday. We have a couple of new members and some familiar faces! The teens wrapped our Salvation Army Donation Box and talked about their writing projects. One of our teens brought a sample of their work for us to share with you via our blog:

(Through) Me You Him (Soon)
Blair O. Steels

So woven to time, why won't
The wind howl its cry
--I've sat still, for long enough!
The stuff of my heart won't combust.

Firecracker, dream-stricken
Thraveling with the words of your tongue
Speak to me slow
Now, with gravity tilting, now.

"..and if I stretched my arms wider than i thought, stretching them to hold you, but they broke, then i would say hi, just explaning the crumbling villages...
but you (like me) have seen these and barbecued hearts just hung up like ornaments; we're so sick of the dried blood we pick off.

O love, couldn't we cast away in the half-lit forest? So evey-watering is the moonlight, and once wiped off, we smear into small-sight. Underneath this microscope...God might be watching."

--From The November Diaries

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