Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Review: The Madness of Lord Ian by Jennifer Ashley

This is the first historical romance that has appealed to me in ages.
I LOVED this book. Why? It was different. There’s a wounded hero, a sharp likeable heroine, misunderstandings, dark family secrets, murders, and yes, love. I truly cared about these characters and can’t wait for the next one in the series.

The tortured hero, Lord Ian, is autistic (or at least mildly so). He was put into an asylum for most of his young life, until his oldest brother, Hart, became Duke and got him out. The leading lady is Beth Ackerley, a wealthy widow whose upbringing is a little shady. When her vicar husband died, she became a companion to a wealthy woman, a Ms. Barrington, who left her fortune with Ms. Ackerley when she died. She is now a woman of means and can do as she wishes.

At the beginning of the story, Beth is engaged to be married until Lord Ian comes into the picture. She breaks it off with her fiancé when warned by Ian of his true character. She then takes off for Paris to see the sights. Ian finds out where Beth has gone and because he was so taken with her decides to go to Paris as well. While Beth is there she befriends a woman, Isabella, who happens to Ian’s sister-in-law. Isabella is the estranged wife of Mac Mackenzie, the second youngest of the family, an artist currently residing in Paris. Beth is smart, beautiful, compassionate and unashamed when questioned about her past, which she is when Inspector Fellows begins asking her questions about Ian Mackenzie and a murdered woman. The story ends up being a murder mystery with a few other surprises thrown in that you didn’t see coming, including the “real” reason Ian was put into an asylum. You also get to meet, Hart, the oldest Mackenzie brother and the Duke. He is not a little scary. Cameron is the 2nd oldest and is described as the black sheep of the family who is a skilled horseman and a little rough around the edges.

The next book in the series will be Isabella’s story with Mac.

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  1. I also loved the book. It is a unique take on the historical that really made me fall in love with that family. I can't wait for Jennifer Ashley to continue the series! Two thumbs up from me!!!