Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Review: Lover Unleashed

I’ve been a fan since the beginning and over the years this series’ style has developed from paranormal romance to urban fantasy. For me, this is the best one in the series in a long while. Since moving into urban fantasy, Ward has focused on several different story lines in addition to the main one, which is fine, but the transitions in the books were a little too choppy. This one had no such problems.

I loved how Manny could really hold his own with the vampires and how surprisingly sweet, yet fearsome Payne was. I really, really enjoyed the amount of Vishous is in the book and you’ll see that everything is not perfect in his world and even vampires with their “shellans” can have issues. And of course you’ll see more of the Qhuinn, Blaylock saga. They’re both very stubborn, neither willing to give in to their feelings; Qhuinn because he feels he’s not worthy and Blay because he’s already put himself out there twice and been crushed, so he’s done w/Qhuinn. Or is he?

Then there’s the promise of some new conflict w/ a band of warriors from the Old Country who’ve come to America seeking vengeance, Lessers, and Wrath’s throne. Next up is Tohr’s book in April of 2012. Interested to see where she takes us w/ him. I also read that there may be a Wrath and Beth novella in the fall of 2012. I'll cross my fingers:)
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