Thursday, October 15, 2009

NSL Bluestockings Oct Meeting

Drood by Dan Simmons

Half of us finished it, and half couldn't get through it. The characters were pretty unlikeable, we thought it was written well, but could have been more succint in areas. We got tired of the opium dens. This led us into a discussion of how it seems some authors do a lot of research and then feel it necessary to include ALL that they have found in their book just because they've done the research. We discussed the relationship between Dickens and Collins as being simliar to Mozart and Salieri. Salieri wrote music and was successful, but he would never be as successful or as influential as his peer, Mozart. That was Mr. Collins.

We discussed the idea that Mr. Collins might have been schizophrenic as well as addicted to laudanum and that Dickens took advantage of this by "mesmerizing" Collins into believing the fictional character of Drood. all for inspiration for the book he was writing.

Only one person would read it again. It did make us more interested in Charles Dickens and several of us may revisit his work.

We gave this 2.5 stockings out of 5.


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