Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teen Book Review by Austin R.

I read Naruto, v. 43: The Man With the Truth. This book is about after Sasuke kills Itachi, his long lost brother Madara Uchiha. Everyone thinks that Madara is dead. Madara is dead. Madara has a mask over his face and he is called Tobi. When Madara got the word taht Itachi had died he and his partner Zetsu went to go retrieve Itachi's body. While Zetsu is taking Itachi's body Madara takes Sasuke to his home. When Sasuke sees madara he attacks him. For the rest of the book Madara tells what really happened to his family. I would recommend this book because it has really good vocabulary, and it takes your mind off of the violence at the end of the book.

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