Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teen Book Reviews by Briana R.

I read this book, Room Redo, by Julia De Villers. This book is about the TOO Crew girls (claire, Maddy, Isabel, and Kacey) that get the opportunity to get their bedrooms re-decorated. The TOO Crew and two other girls (Piper and Sierra) have to redo each others bedrooms. After they redo each others, they get to reveal their bedrooms to each other and their friends. At the end of the book, Maddy gets to have a sleepover in her new bedroom with all of her friends. I recommend this book because I loved the book and the whole series by Julia De Villers. It has a great storyline of four best friends and their adventures.

I read this book, Surprise Sleepover, by Julia DeVillers. It is about four best friends, called the TOO Crew, that is invited for a sleepover at the mall with a lot of other girls their age. All the girls have a princess theme for the sleepover because of a movie that all the girls love that is coming out. One of the actors from the movie comes out to the mall and sings for all of the girls. They get to have a scavenger hunt, prizes, food, and samples from the store Limited Too. I recommend this book because it has a great storyline of four best friends. Any girl who has close best friends can relate to this story.

I read this book, True Teamwork, by Julia DeVillers. This book is about the four best friends- Claire, Maddy, Kacey and Isabel- trying to decide what music band will be singing at a music concert. The four grils are wanting the music band INSPIRED to sing, but three other girls want another band called POSE. They are having to make up a presentation to convince the audience which one will be at the concert. At the end of both of the presentations, the group INSPIRED is picked to sing at the concert. I would recommend this book becase it is an awesome book to read. It is very interesting to read. This book is part of a series that is really good.

I read this book, The Great Green Notebook of Katie Roberts, by Amy Hest. This book is about a 12 year old girl, named Katie. This book is more like a journal or a diary of Katie Roberts. It says all of her daily activities as a 12 year old girl who goes to school. Throughout the book, she says all of her boy crushes, her adventures of being a tutor, going to a dance at her school and many more. I recommend this book because any 12 year old girl can relate to her and her adventure. This book is also very interesting.

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