Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teen Book Review by Nikki S.

Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

*Warning--This review contains spoilers*

In this book, the moon is knocked out of its regular orbit by an asteroid. This is causing worldwide chaos. Because of the moon's effects on natural disasters, they are occuring very often. The telephones won't work. A teenage girl named Miranda is struggling to survive, along with her mother and two brothers. She is having to be constatntly worried about her dad and his wife. I would not recommend this book to others. First of all, the book is very boring for about the last 100 pages. All that's happening is - running out of food, running out of food, no electricity, running out of food...Second, Miranda's "friend" Megan is supposed to be a Christian, but is starving herself to death and shunning Miranda when everyone is dying!?!?!?!? If she was truly a Christian in a time when everyone is dying, she would be spreading the gospel instead of letting her friends die and go to hell! I didn't like how this book portrayed a Christian. Third, I wasn't even close to being satisfied with the ending, because there is no ending! I think something should happen and things go back to normal. Instead, eveyone is still going to die! Just because Miranda's family is finally being provided with food doesn't mean that food isn't going to run out!

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