Monday, June 15, 2009

Teen Book Review by Christian S.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
This story is about a girl growing up in Brooklyn. They really only mention the tree twice: at the beginning and at the very end. This story is set in the 1990's. Book One is mostly about Francie and Neely as small children. It talks about one day in particular: Saturday. On Saturday, everybody gets paid and that makes everything alright. Book Two is about how Katie Rommely and Johnny Nolan came to meet each other, and such things. It basically talks about Francie's older relatives and how they "are". Book Three is the longest book. It talks about how the kids are growing up. It also talks about Brooklyn and how they react to things. Some of the things in this book are: starting school, introducing Francie's love for writing, and Election Day. This book is very long, but it was definitely not boring. Book Four and Five are a good closing. They talk about her "high school years". She has her first job and her first love. In these books, she starts acting like a young woman, even if she's only 16. I really liked this book, and I would recommend it to any girl who has the time. I will say that it is more of a girl book, because the main character is a girl. There's a lot of good description and imagery in this book too. Even though it took me 2 weeks to read it, I still think it was worth it.

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